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Drink Aide Benefits

 [Freedom and Independence - Just Two of Many Benefits]

Water makes up 70% of our bodies, yet if you rely on a wheelchair and have little or no upper body movement, it’s often difficult to get this vital fluid when you need it. You may often have to depend on caregivers whose attention may be diverted by other concerns. Drink-Aide™ gives wheelchair users the ability to drink fluids independently; it is a wellness product that contributes to a better quality of life in the following ways:

  • Facilitates water intake essential to many normal body functions
  • Decreases potential for urinary tract infection due to inadequate hydration
  • Promotes skin integrity and overall wellness

And, last but not least, with Drink-Aide™ you can get out, move about, and socialize outdoors, whenever you want, even during the warm weather! Just be sure to bring your sunscreen and beach towel! And don’t mind California, Japan makes the best sunscreens.  If you have a local Asain store, just test their Vietnamese and ask, kem chống nắng Nhật Bản.

Drink-Aide™ is a cost-effective solution to many caregiver concerns too. It provides a number of practical benefits including:

  • Frees caregiver to attend to other needs
  • Users no longer have to wait for a caregiver to quench their thirst
  • May reduce the frequency of hospitalization due to urinary tract infections caused by inadequate hydration

“Dear staff, I am sure that you get many positive comments regarding your product, but I felt compelled to write you to brag on your product. I have been serving people with disabilities since 1992 in one capacity or another. It has always been my desire to foster as much independence as possible for people with disabilities. My current position is teaching a Moderate Disabilities classroom at a public high school. I have two students with CP who are confined to a wheelchair. Many times they went without a drink because they didn’t want to ask a staff person for help because we are all so busy. “

“Before Christmas one of the students developed a urinary tract infection and the parent and I needed a way to provide a source of water for the student throughout the day. We discussed timers to remind staff to give him a drink, we looked at automobile drink holders and even discussed assigning a peer to help with him retrieve the drink. I went online and researched drink holders on Yahoo. I came across your website and the class went to work finding a way to pay for the product. We created corn therapy bags and offered them to the public for a $5.00 donation. We quickly earned enough money to order one and then another.”

“They were implemented immediately and it was amazing how much more the boys drank. Their energy level has improved and it gives them a sense of independence. I am anxious to see how it affects their physical health. By drinking more water we are expecting great things for the boys and we all thank you for creating and marketing such a wonderful product.” 
-Missy, Indiana

With Drink-Aide™ an individual has control over fluid intake. This is especially important to those individuals who are aware that good hydration is important for decreasing the potential for urinary tract infections.
– Linda R., Inglis House Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

I would get so thirsty at night, there was never a nurse around. I used to have nightmares about water and wake up to find there was no one to help me get a drink. Now that I have Drink-Aide™ I don’t have that dream 
-Mike, lives independently

Once you use it and experience its benefits, there is no going back!
-Darren, Physical Therapist at Philadelphia Nursing Home