We provide a wide range of services for individuals struggling with learning disabilities and other cognitive challenges. We are your go-to resource for support, regardless of the disability you are struggling with or the severity of your condition. Here are the major services we provide for our clients struggling with learning disabilities.

Counseling and Therapy

Living with a learning disability can be very challenging, and over time, it can take its toll emotionally. We believe that proactive counseling for individuals with neurological conditions can help prevent mental and emotional problems from arising. Cognitive therapy can also be incredibly helpful for improving brain function. We offer professional therapy and counseling sessions in office, over the phone, and via Skype. We also have group support sessions available, as well as therapy for our clients’ partners and family members.

Job Counseling

Being able to maintain a job is a very important part of living a full life. We help our clients find work in their communities that is appropriate for their skill level. We can also help clients further their education if that is something they are interested in. We have connections with local businesses and other community support organizations that will be happy to help in these matters.

Daily Support

For patients who have more severe neurological conditions, regular daily support may be necessary. We offer in-home support with basic tasks like eating, bathing, dressing, and cleaning if necessary. We also offer daycare services at our centers. Not only does this make life easier for the patient, but it also relieves some stress for their families.

Contact us for more information on our services. We would be happy to schedule an individual consultation with you to determine what services would be most appropriate for your situation, and we will work with you to provide the best possible guidance and assistance.