Drink-aide is an organization focused on providing assistance for individuals with learning disabilities and other cognitive challenges. Living with these conditions can be very difficult, and our goal is to make day-to-day routines easier for people who struggle with psychological disabilities. We believe that these problems don’t have to hold you back, they just set you on a different path in life. With the appropriate guidance, anyone can live a rich, full life regardless of their learning disabilities.

We provide a range of services and other resources aimed at making life easier for individuals with learning disabilities. We have options available both online and at our office locations. For example, we can help you find appropriate counseling for mental and emotional needs, provide guidance in the realms of education and job searches, and even connect you with housing providers and day care services for those with cognitive disabilities. Our connections in the world of disability care enable us to find solutions for you that are both budget-friendly and appropriate for your needs.

Our services are available for disabled clients of all ages, but with a particular focus on adult care. One of our biggest goals is to help clients who have learning disabilities assimilate into their communities by maintaining a comfortable home and a job that can support them financially. Our expert staff has special training and education in disability care, and are highly experienced in dealing with the challenges that come along with learning disabilities. We understand that no two patients are alike, and we provide care with your specific challenges in mind.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one that is struggling with cognitive disabilities. With access to our library of resources, you can live a much happier, more comfortable life, regardless of your disability.